After the Covid19 or Coronavirus, consumers’ housing preferences have changed, new priorities such as square meters, terraces, balconies, good views or gardens are much more valued elements, and all those that are located in ‘prime’ places. This type of housing could have more demand and a consequent rise in prices in the coming months if there is no growth in supply. We summarize what stands out in each case:

1. Homes with balconies, terraces, good views or garden. Without a doubt, one of the traces that confinement will leave us is the need to rethink our home as a space in which to really live. Today it is much more difficult than before the pandemic to sell a low or interior apartment without a garden, and the demand of buyers for those homes with the aforementioned preferences is growing day by day.

2. Houses on the outskirts of cities or even in provincial capitals other than where one works. Shopper preferences have completely changed in six weeks. Many clients who had entrusted us with the search for a house in the center of Marbella, now look for well-connected areas such as the Golden Mile or Nueva Andalucía, and have even been interested in housing in areas farther from their workplace, where it is possible to enjoy much more space for less money than they originally intended to spend. 

The implementation of telework in many companies can encourage many professionals to distance their home from their job, as well as encourage many professionals from other countries to settle in Spain in the short and medium term, thanks to the factor called of climate and lifestyle. In fact, according to the idealista data, it is shown that the demand for housing by foreigners gained weight in the market in the first month of confinement. 

3. Apartments very well located . After the crash suffered by the stock market in recent weeks, many small investors are already looking for investment opportunities in the real estate sector. This is a saver profile that seeks the security and stability that rental income can bring you for a well located 40 or 50 m2 apartment. 

We will have to wait until the end of May to see how property prices are being updated as the change in trend is not yet visible on the portals. 

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