The Golden Visa is a great opportunity for non-European investors, and ITURBE PROPERTIES has longstanding expertise, offering Real Estate services in order to select the right property, and a full and personalized service to successfully perform the purchase process and obtain the Golden Visa.

Travel freely in the Schengen Area with no need to become tax resident.

The Golden Visa is an authorization to live and work in Spain granted to non-European citizens investing in Real Estate properties in an amount of 500.000 € or more. The procedure is easy and fast, and the Golden Visa is granted to the investor and the family-members usually in a 20-day period. It is not necessary to live or come here ever, which avoids the Tax Residency.

This authorization allows the investor to travel freely in the Schengen Countries without the hassle of applying for additional visas for each travel, and includes the authorization to work in Spain with no need to apply for an additional working permit.

Enjoy the benefits of the Golden Visa & recover the investment

Purchase a property in Marbella.
Rent the property out during some periods.
Enjoying the house for other periods.
Travel freely in the Schengen area with your family.

The investors can use the property without restriction, and we provide full-management and commercialization services after the acquisition, to make sure the property is always well-maintained, and giving the opportunity to obtain high returns in case they want to rent it out when they are not here.

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ITURBE PROPERTIES offers a Full-package for Golden Visa Investors, including:

Trip organization and welcome to Spain, including transfer to the hotel from the airport.
Selection of properties meeting the Golden Visa requirements and the client´s investing criteria.
Visits to the properties until the best option is selected.
Valuation of the property and calculation of the expected return.
Breakdown of all the costs, expenses and taxes involved in the transaction.
Legal assistance throughout the whole purchase process until the acquisition is finalized.
Tax report, upon request, to analyse the best way to acquire the property.
Post-sale services until the property is registered in the Land Registry.
Full assistance with the Golden Visa application and procedure until the Visa is granted.
Property management when not in Spain to assure the property is always in good condition.
Rental management for investor to get the highest profitability.

Golden Visa key points.

▪ Being no-European citizen.

▪ Investment of min. 500.000 € free of charges.
  ◦ As individual or through a company
  ◦ Possibility to invest in one or more properties
  ◦ Any kind of Real Estate can qualify: residential, land, business units…
  ◦ No limit to financing (mortgage) above 500.000 €

▪ Extended to the family-members: spouse or couple, children and dependants.

▪ Freedom to travel to all the Schengen countries, from 90 out of 180 days.

▪ No need to reside or come to Spain, avoiding tax residency.

▪ Includes authorization to work.

▪ Granted for 1 year if applied for in the origin country, or for 2 years if applied for in Spain.

▪ Unlimited renovations for 5 years each, if the investment is held.

▪ Permanent residency after 5 years and citizenship from 10 years

▪ Agile and flexible process, granted in 20 days.