Iturbe Properties assist all European and non-European clients moving to Spain either temporary or long-term, in order to legalize their stay in Spain.

We are specialized in:

  • · NIE number applications.
  • · Residency applications of all kind (non-lucrative, working, retirement ...).
  • · Golden Visa applications. For more information CLICK HERE.
  • · Non-lucrative Visa applications.

Our in-house legal staff and collaborators provide independent advice in all the areas, including legal, administrative, tax and accountancy. We do also select carefully the companies with whom to work, to guarantee the best solutions for each client.

Some of these services are:


Our team is specialized in all types of conveyancing transactions (residential, commercial, rustic, …), providing a full and independent advice from the beginning until the process is successfully finalized.


We provide full legal advice from the beginning and throughout the whole purchase process until the acquisition is finalized, including:

  • · Contact with the vendor and request of documentation.
  • · Drafting of the reservation document.
  • · Breakdown of funds involved in the acquisition, including taxes, Notary fees, Land Registry fees, withholding amounts...
  • · Due-diligence process and verification that all the aspects of the transaction are ok, indicating any contingency and its remedies.
  • · Drafting of the best kind of private purchase contract (arras, opción, …) attending to the client´s circumstances.
  • · Complete legal report before completion, including all the aspects of the transaction (legal, administrative, urbanistic, taxes …).
  • · Drafting of the Purchase Deed and assistance at the Notary.
  • · Registration of the Purchase Deed and payment of taxes.
  • · Change of Community of Owners, Ibi tax, Rubbish collection and supplies in the buyer´s name.
  • · Direct debiting of the expenses in the client´s bank account.


We always recommend our clients to analyse the best way to acquire the property (natural person, Spanish company, and non-resident company) in order to minimize the tax impact of the acquisition, and always attending to the client´s personal circumstances.

Upon request, we provide a full and detailed Tax Report with the different options and its implications, so the client is duly informed of the taxation and the expenses related to the acquisition and can make the best decision on how to purchase the property.


We assist our client´s with the setting up of Spanish companies and carry out all the necessary steps until the company is registered in the Mercantile Registry and ready to operate.

Our services also include tax and accountancy advice.


The constructive process is highly regulated in Spain, and we are happy to assist those clients interested in developing lands or carrying out refurbishment in their properties.


Our deep knowledge of the Law on Urban Leases and the local regulations for short-term holiday leases in Andalucía guarantee that our clients are always formalizing the best type of leasing contract attending to their situation, and avoiding undesirable consequences such as the tax residency, the obligation to keep the contract more than expected, the payment of breakdowns…

We do also carry out any service related to the leasing process, such as the mandatory registration of the property for touristic purposes, the deposit of the legal guarantee…


Home staging, currency exchange, opening of bank accounts, mortgages and financing, insurance policies…