Sell your property

I want to sell my property


How do we achieve this? The first thing to think about is the price:

Setting the correct price to sell your property is essential when putting your property up for sale. At Iturbe Properties we conduct a professional market research.

There are several factors that influence the value of a property: the amount of recent sales in the area, the properties for sale with the same characteristics, the location, the property condition, the orientation and the market situation.

Setting the sales price

To set the value to sell your property, it is necessary to know the market and its trends, as any mistake can result in two situations:

  • - A very high price: Inability to sell your home.
  • - Low price: Losing money by selling your home.

Once the price has been set, we continue with:

Elaboration of a professional photographic reportage to show your property’s best image.

Abbreviated information document: We collect all the information necessary for its appropriate marketing and we draw up a file card of the property.

Property condition: We recommend the best strategy for your home to visually stand out to the potential customer. We have Home staging professionals that can give your home a new appearance.

Promotion of your property and positioning both in our website and in the most popular Internet property portals.

Multiple listing service: Promotion of your property through our network among agencies, reaching more than 125 agents in the Costa del Sol.

Through additional marketing channels such as mass mailings to customers and agents, and newsletters.

Marketing campaign

We are professional that make the “purchase offer” process take place as quickly and smoothly as possible both for the buyer and seller.

Our treatment is direct, personal and professional both with the buyer and the seller, and we cover the entire sales-purchase process all the way to formalising the Public Deed before a Notary.

What is the real price of my property?

Ask right now for a free market research without commitment!