Buy to let investment

The rental investment market is one of the most lucrative business in Marbella:

Marbella occupies the third position of the top 5 of the Spanish cities with the highest residential rental prices, offering an excellent rental potential.

We are currently managing a portfolio of more than 35 properties spread around the whole Marbella area, owned by investors looking forward to high returns and the best profitability, and we are proud to confirm that they are generating earnings up to the 5% in most of the cases.

Choosing the right property in the right area, one of the key-points:

The management of our investor´s portfolio for many years increases our deep knowledge and understanding of the market and its evolution, which is one of the main points for a profitable rental investment.

We count with all the necessary information to duly advise investors, as we are continuously informed and updated of the evolution of the prices, the demand and the returns in each area, not only from our own expertise but also at sight of the evolution of our rental portfolio.

We provide our clients with an extensive property portfolio, further supplemented with a complete information of the profitability per area, to make sure they make the best investment.

We focus on finding properties that are good investments both long and short term, to assure a high occupation on the rental market.

Marbella offers different alternatives when renting a property, as both holiday rentals and residential rentals are possible here. Although 1.- long term traditional leases for habitual residency generates a higher profitability than most of the other financial products in the market, 2.- short term holiday rentals offer highest rental prices in Summer-time, when the leasing price per week can be even higher than the monthly rent for traditional residency leases.

Our formula consists in combining both options and formalize residency leasing agreements from September to June (for teachers, relocations, students …), and rent out the property per weeks from June to September (for holiday rentals).

Full management and the best commercialization for our investors.

Our services include post-sales management to make sure the property and its installations are in the best condition for leasing, following up that everything is in order and always clean, and that the property fulfils the legal and administrative requirements for the leasing activity.

We do also commercialize the properties for our investors, advertising and marketing their properties on the right websites and with the highest marketing technology, and search and maintain a direct relationship with the tenant to ensure they have suitable solvency.

Our full-management services also include the drafting and clarification of any doubt about the leasing contract, taking care of the checking-in and out, and the follow-up when the property is rented, including amongst others, the advice in case of conflicts between the parties and assistance in case of breakdowns, the actualization of the rent and the issuing of invoices if the case.

We provide our investors with our large portfolio of renting clients.

Our correct full-management services together with the proper commercialization of the properties, also provides us with a vast number of renting clients that are interested in our properties due to their good location, high qualities and good maintenance.

Our investors can always count with our portfolio of renting clients which guarantees that the properties will be rapidly and successfully rented out with the appropriate tenant.

Investing options with high returns.

In big lines, we count with two different kind of national and international investors, entering the Real Estate market due to the low interest rate and a large selection in Real Estate, and looking forward to get average yearly returns up to the 5%.

Most of the investors are interested in capitalizing in a three-year period and getting yearly returns of the 9-11 %, by combining the leasing profitability and the 5% average yearly increase of the property´s value.

But we also assist investors who are only looking forward to get profit of the future sale, by applying tax reductions and exemptions that might be applicable to the transaction. There are currently many options to reduce the tax impact of the acquisition and this formula is interesting due to the high increase of the market prices in the area.

Great way to recover the investment & enjoy your second-home

Purchase a property in Marbella

Rent the property out during some periods

Enjoying the house for other periods


World-wide famous as a luxury and high-quality touristic destination
Residential destination for foreigners.
Touristic activity along the whole year, even in the more relaxed months.
3rd position of the 5 Spanish cities with highest rental income.
Great infrastructure. Extensive motorways and international airport with direct flights.
Growth of the supply of accommodation: Best hotel chains and luxury resorts.
World-wide famous restaurants.
Excellent international schools.
Over 50 golf courses, and tennis clubs, water-sport activities, …
International market with people from 45 different countries.