Get your Spanish digital nomad residency

Get your Spanish digital nomad residency for you and your family in 20 days, and enjoy living and working in Spain with an advantageous taxation!!!

Spain has recently launched the digital nomad visa, a residence permit for those non-European digital nomads or remote workers that want to set up in Spain and enjoy our good weather and quality of life.

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  • The main advantage is the taxation, as it has a special tax regime with a flat and reduced tax rate compared to the standard sliding scale.
  • You can also include your spouse and children in the same application (under and over 18, if they depend economically on you).

  • You can travel freely in the Schengen area.

  • Residence permit with an initial duration of 3 years if applied for in Spain, or one year visa if applied for in your country of residence. Sucessive renewals up to 5 years, and permanent residency afterwards.
  • It is a fast procedure (granted in no more than 20 working days!).
  • Self-employed freelancers can also work for Spanish companies if the work for the Spanish company does not exceed the 20% of the total activity.

Who are elegible?

  • Self-employed freelancers working for at least one company outside Spain
  • Remote workers for a non-Spanish company that has been operational for at least one year

Main requirements:

– Working as self-employed or for a company for at least three months before the application is submitted.

– Qualification to work in the field of your activity (evidenced by a university degree or work experience of at least three years).

– Counting with enough economic means (the salary can be included as a proof of this economic capacity).

– Health insurance policy with an insurance company autorhized to operate in Spain.

– Clear criminal record report.

Spain offers ideal living conditions for remote workers and if you are thinking of moving here our in house lawyer, Natalia Iturbe (, will be happy to assist you with the application and of course, we can offer you the best place to live during your stay.


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