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The best season for holiday rentals is just around the corner, and we have prepared this list of recommendations to have everything ready for the entrance of the tenants, and enjoy the benefits of running your holiday rental home without any rush.

A perfect CLEANING is undoubtly a fundamental point, and although it seems the most obvious we cannot ignore it: the house must always be like the parrot jets, as my grandmother would say, period.

But there are other aspects that must be taken into account and that will make the leasing period much more comfortable for all parties, and especially for the tenants, who will be able to peacefully enjoy their vacations and will want to repeat the next season.

The best homes receive the best tenants, and these are the points that guarantee not only the best holiday rentals scores, but also the tranquility of the owners during the leasing period:

  • COMPLETE SURVEY IN ADVANCE. It is important to make an evaluation of the floor, to do a facelift and repair everything that is in poor condition: paint, floor, joints, furniture, appliances, …
    The house has to be perfect inside and outside, and all the details have to be checked: from the welcome mat on the threshold to the flower pots on the terrace.

  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE. The property must be tested and reviewed in detail before the delivery of keys to the tenant, in order to avoid breakdowns during the lease.
    There are certain critical points that we should review, such as the operation of the air conditioning and thermos, the good condition of the electrical panel and having enough electrical power, avoiding loose plugs,… And of course, the light bulbs !
  • DESPERSONALIZATION OF THE PROPERTY. The house must be confortable and functional, and it is important to remove all the personal objects of the owner (photos, religious elements, …). We do also recommend to avoid placing small objects and to leave only the necessary furniture, to receive a feeling of spaciousness.
  • SET OF KEYS. It is necessary to have two complete set of key rings ready, and ensure that they allow the access to all the doors or gates of the property. And don’t forget about the controls!
  • EQUIPMENT. Tenants must have everything they need to enjoy a normal life in the house, and therefore, the kitchen must be fully equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher, and with elements that facilitate the daily life: toaster, coffee maker, kettle, … Of course everything must work perfectly, and as we said at the beginning, we must make sure that the electrical appliances work properly, such as the air conditioning, the accessories such as the vacuum cleaner, the blinds, …
  • HOUSEHOLD AND WHITE GOODS. We must leave two sets of towels per person (2 big ones and 2 small ones), as well as two complete sets of sheets for each bed. And of course, it must have all the kitchen utensils (plates, glasses, cups, dishes, trays, …) and cleaning elements (vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, dustpan, …).
    The house must be prepared for the use of the tenant as they enter the property, without having to run to the supermarket the first day (toilet paper, dishwasher, soap …). We like to welcome our tenants with a welcome pack with shower gel, shampoo and grooming kit, and do also add something that might be appreciated, such as a children’s sun cream for a family with children, …
  • DECORATION. Comfortable, brightful, practical, modern, … The visual aspect of the house is very important in order to find the best tenants, and old, large and/or dark furniture, opaque elements, rugs … must be avoided. The more neutral and brightful the environment is, the more pleasant the tenants will find it.

In ITURBE PROPERTIES, due to our large experience in holiday rentals, we know all the key points that must be supervised before the entry of the tenants in the property, and we are always at your disposal and recommend to carry out a joint inspection to guarantee the perfect condition of the property.

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