The best way to get high returns and enjoy your second residency!

ITURBE PROPERTIES we are specialized in buy-to-let investments. The rental investment market is one of the most lucrative business in Spain, and Marbella occupies the third position of the top 5 of the Spanish cities with highest rental prices, and therefore offers an excellent rental potential.

Our investors can always choose the best Properties from our large selection of listed properties, achieving average yearly returns up to the 5%.

We are proud to manage a continuously increasing portfolio for our investors, and these are some of the key-points for a profitable buy-to-let investment:

Choosing the right property in the right area, one of the key-points: Our knowledge of the market and the management of our investor´s portfolio for many years increases our deep understanding of the market´s evolution per area, one of the main points for a profitable investment.

Focused in properties that are good investments both long and short term: Marbella offers different renting possibilities for rental investments and our formula consists in combining traditional long-term leases form September to June, with short-term holiday rentals from June to September, to get the highest profitability per year.

Full management and the best commercialization: Our services include full post-sales management of the property, as well as the commercialization until the right tenant with suitable solvency is found. We also take care of any matter during the rental period, until its finalization.

We ensure high occupation rates due to our large portfolio of renting clients: Our investors can always count with our large portfolio of renting clients, interested in our properties due to their good location, high qualities and good maintenance.

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